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How long has this community been here?

I appear to be a bit late, but glad to have found it.

And to contribute, here are some HF icons I just made. Am using them all the moment LOL but please free to use if you want to also:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

+ 1 Nick and Simon:


and of course the helmer:

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They're fantastic! Took the Edgar one and the Simon and Nick one.
glad you liked them :) credit is appreciated but not a requirement.
i really like the first one. I snagged that and the edgar one. will credit.
:) thanks
Awesome! I took the first Hot Fuzz one and the Edgar icon, too :)
yay ! glad you like them :)
nice icons, maybe I`ll use one or two (and credit, of course)
Please do, you are more than welcome. Glad you like them. :)